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*Lily's  Art & Yoga Club *

Lilys Art&yoga club logo.jpg

Hey, welcome to Art and Yoga Club! 

Please join me in these fun little Yoga & Art prompts

to help the imagination and creativity flow, both on paper and on the mat! 

Suitable for ALL ages :)

Happy Doodling and Happy Flowing! 

Lily x

tree pose  illo.jpg



Ground and connect to earth like a tall majestic tree! 

Yoga Prompt:

Stand tall and majestic in tree pose, now lets play!

How would a pine tree pose look compared to an oak tree pose?! 

How could you add you're variety of tree poses into a sequence? 

Art Prompt:

Fill a whole page of crazy trees.

These can be realistic or made up, maybe a mix of both?

How many different types of trees do you know?



Shine bright like stars!
Yoga prompt:
Can you create a beautiful star pose?
Whilst in your star can reach high to the sky, maybe pop up onto tippy toes for extra height?! Still in star pose can you forward fold and tickle your toes?! How could you add in star jumps into your sequence?! 

Art Prompt:
Draw/cut /paint/make as many stars and star like shapes as you wish! Then thread them all together using thread/wire to create a little hanging star mobile.

5 point star pose.jpg
star mobiles for website.jpg
Blue cloud.jpg

*Art Prompt*

Pick your favourite colour of the moment ... I chose blue to match the sky!
Illustrate your colour using paints/collage/pens/pencil ... maybe a combo of everything?! 

*Yoga Prompt*
How does that colour make you feel?
... Blue makes me feel floaty like clouds in the sky, or floating on water!

What yoga poses/movement would you use to portray your colour?

Could you add your colour into a sequence/flow? 
What would a contrasting colour look like, both on paper and on the mat?! .



Imagine, play, create in these crazy times!

Draw/collage/paint your own magical unicorns.
Can you find any scraps of material to create wings?!
Is your unicorn going to be plain or patterned?!

Create your own magical unicorn pose!
What would your magic skill be?!

Mine is too fly... what would a flying unicorn pose look like?! .

magical unicorn.jpg
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