Hey my names Lily,

I'm an Illustrator and Yoga/Pilates teacher living in Oxford. 

I love dancing, colours and celebrating the wonkiness of life! 


I graduated Winchester School of Art with a BA in Illustration in 2012

and have been drawing, snipping and wedging clay ever since! 

My work is fun, playful with a quirky charm.

All illustrations are created from hand textured paper cutouts,

and left over snips from previous projects!

My ceramics are also hand built (I can’t throw!)

and hand decorated usingslips and underglazes.

I love blurring the lines between the two disciplines,

and the mindful quality of drawing on clay! 


I try to bring this creative playfulness and mindfulness into my yoga & pilates practices, encouraging students to listen to their bodies and to have fun! 


The dream is to one day run my own Yoga & Art  studio in an old barn serving

coffee and homemade cake after classes! 

For more information about illustrations/ceramics/workshops and commissions please email me at lilyrossiter@hotmail.com.


Love, Lily x